The Possibility Of Sex Scenes Made Me Hesitant About Signing A Horror Film – Karan Sharma

“I don’t have anything against sex or lovemaking scenes per say. But the whole concept of horrex as a genre being stuck in the formula is what made me reluctant to say ‘yes’ to Office #thebrightesthorrorfilm at first. But when the director told me there were no sex scenes featuring me, I agreed to read the script” reveals Karan Sharma who has migrated to films after playing romantic roles on TV.

“The premise of the film does have sex as the backdrop but it is not used as a cheap commercial ingredient in the film. In fact even as the lovemaking plays out on screen you are just left wondering – but is she or he a ghost or for real”.

Does that mean Karan is not open to lovemaking scenes or onscreen kisses? Well theoretically I have nothing against them but I am a very shy person and I don’t know how I will manage to take my clothes off in front of an entire unit or kiss a girl who I am not intimately involved with in personal life. May be if a director convinces me that the kiss or lovemaking is absolutely relevant to the theme, I may try it. But I don’t guarantee any first-take shot in those scenes definitely.

Well, a shy Bollywood hero in the era of bold Ranveer Singhs and Sushant Singh Rajputs may be a breath of fresh air for the audiences but where and how will film makers manage to fit him in remains to be seen.


Produced by Full Frame Entertainment and Vishal Digital Office #thebrightesthorrorfilm releases 15th December 2017


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